Automatic Sterilization System for Operating Rooms?

The ASSOR is a device that allow to perform the sterilization function in hospital areas, the most important sectors of the hospital where it is required to implement this type of systems are the operating rooms, intensive cares, baby care, pathology, etc. The principle of the present project is a system that enables or either disables a valve that allows the fluid of the product, antiseptic or sterilizing, inside the room to be sterilized. The main application of this system is, after the manual cleansing of the room, in a control board, the procedure is turned on. The ASSOR consists, in general, of an electro valve that controls the fluid of the antiseptic into the room, a fan system, the electronic control circuit for the application of the product and electronic circuit to have a synchronized control of the system, and finally the product application in the target room.


The main reason for the creation of the project was looking for the uncondutuinal support for the entire handicap people that reside in the whole world. \r In all the communities there are barriers that oppse the total development of these people, and what currently exists can not help achieve a full lige for example: it's hard to have a basic education, a productive employment, or in their case to have a simple normal life.\r at the present time there is a serious problem of inequality, this is presented beacuse there has not been a mechanism that has been albe to please 100% of its real demand. That's way what we seek with this prototype, to be able to help them to have and live a better quality of life, it has the function of warning them when an object is near or before them emitting a brief sound that dose not cease until the way is completely free of obstacles, it is also sought to prevent accidents lkie falls, trips, among other, and also to help create more accsess possibilities to help any people that suffer any kind of handicap.\r This is a prototype that is able to help blind people, by heping them become able to move from one place to an other more faster and more securely, these is trying to make them more sure and reliable on them self, also the project is very economical and it was created due to the high quantity of blind men and women that exist in the whole world


The purpose of this project is to create a project that can improve the quality and the production of the merchandise and also to prevent a 100% of mistakes in the electronic components which are complicated to detect or not detectable for us when we are making a circuit. Other of the purpose of this project is to prevent the bad production in the products which are elaborated in a company and then to check if the employee is working well, in that way the company will be able to avoid the bad production and it will be more profit for the company thanks to the products.

Automated Traffic Light

This Project is inspired by the situation incurred by pedestrians, which for the most part are students who need a crossway in order to obtain public transportation or to get to the school; the difficulties that are faced by the personnel to exit the parking lot as well as the students who have a vehicle and to help those parents who drop and pick up their children at the school. At the same time, we would like to reduce the amount of contaminated gas emissions that are emanated into our environment. As consequence of the emission of toxic substances, the air contamination can cause side effects such as the burning of eyes or ears, throat irritation and itching and or respiratory problems. Under determined circumstances, some chemical substances that are found in the contaminated air can produce cancer, congenital malformation, brain damage and disorders to the nervous system, as well as, pulmonary damage and harm to the respiratory tract. For the present investigation it has been suggested as a primary goal: The development of a device, in this case a traffic light, which has the objective to reduce the previously mentioned traffic/security problems that arise upon entering and exiting the institution. The secondary goal is to have a friendly ecological impact within our community. This device was built and tested during a month to obtain figures and demonstrate benefits reported. The device should be low maintenance, it should have a long lifetime and, be simple enough to be operated by those who use it. Among the benefits found, the safety of the students, the prevention of accidents such as: car crashes and run overs, etc. Our studies indicate that per week it is consumed an average of 2,020.16 liters of gasoline, in schedules of 13 hours (from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM) to lessen this figure would have a good ecological impact since all the hydrocarbon emission are harmful to health.

Prototype for the production of Biofertilizer

The Latin American and Caribbean regions have one of the biggest cultivable areas in the world, calculated at around 576 million hectares. Nevertheless, 16% of this land its affected by a kind of soil degradation. Previous studies have shown that the vesicular- arbuscular mycorrhizae (VAM) can fix phosphorus and other elements to plants, is an important micronutrients transporter, increases the water potential of plants, can bioremediate the lands affected and prevents lixivation. These effects are very convenient and can replace the chemical fertilizers which produce collateral damage to the environment. For the reasons mentioned above, this prototype for the production of vesiculararbuscular mycorrhizae, denominated as a biofertilizer, is presented. The prototype consists of an aeroponic system which disperses, in aerial form, nutrients to the host/trap plant roots where the fungus produces its mycelium web. The fungus propagation consists of an artificial union of isolated and identified spores of the mycobiont ,which we want to propagate, with the trap plant roots. The specimen identification consisted in a staining and clarification method (Phillips- Hayman), and a taxonomical identification. In order to prove the (VAM) benefits, two experiments using Sorghum spp. were carried out. One consisted of a comparison between the plants with VAM and a control without VAM. The second one consisted of a chemical comparison between control/fertilizer/ VAM plants. These two experiments were subjected to a water stress test for 10 days. The prototype achieved a production of roots mycorrhizae between 50-65% of colonization. The taxonomic identification corroborated that the mycobionts propagated and the controls were the same species. Experiment One demonstrated that the mycorrhizae treatment has more height, stem diameter, fresh/dry weight than the control which doesn't have VAM. We also conducted the Student’s t Test to check the previously mentioned hypothesis. In Experiment Two, the control and fertilizer treatments had a similar percentage of Nitrogen and Potassium, and the mycorrhizae treatment significantly increased these two elements; nevertheless, the fertilizer and mycorrhizae treatment obtained a similar percentage of Phosphorous. The water stress test was for 10 days - one month after planting. The results were: the fertilizer and mycorrhizae treatment had the same resistance to the stress, the mycorrhizae recovered faster from the stress and the control specimens presented a lower shrivel percentage than the other plants. One of the principal gains which this prototype has is that the trap plant doesn't die after collection, and the plant only needs to be inoculated once in the plant’s life because we only prune the roots. In nature 90% of plant species present some type of mycorrhizae association, hence the feasibility of this prototype for introduction, use and application of the fungus as a biofertilizer. 1 Centro de Bachillerato Tecnologico Industrial y de servicios N°24 2 Instituto Tecnologico de Ciudad Victoria

The discovery of America

1.- Purpose of the research This Game is a new education system, where we take as reference a historical event called "The Discovery of America." The objective is to implement a new way of teaching materials using the technology developed in recent decades, where the teacher uses a modern and educational support to keep the mind of the student in ongoing activity; this will allow greater retention which gives result better understanding and more knowledge. The system is designed to model how to teach with the versatility of being a teacher to provide knowledge through a book because it contains the text outlined and summarized the history and examination by the implementation of questions that offer 4 possible answers and answering incorrectly restart the game, it forces the player to pay attention and remember information. 2. Procedures It divided the two-step strategy: 1. Define the game. The player is asked to bring the features of the game. It must recognize three: a) The technical aspects, allowing the appropriation of technological language and sometimes the understanding of the technology used to play is essential for future acquisitions; b) the commercial tab: identify which company developed the game, age or classification suggested, price, where purchased, country of origin, etc.., a review of the business tab allows to point out habits, and c) a description of the game, review of the plot, characters, history, objectives, modality, gender (role, simulation, strategy, battle, etc..) duration, etc.. This category allows the recognition of recreational preferences of the subject. 2. Thinking the game. Before, during or after the game the subject must think what you do to win or how the game unfolds. Contrary to what seems, while playing one thinks and sometimes thinks that performing other tasks and this time it is the player or the viewer understand the way it works and identify the physical or mental is used to play, trying to understand what I do but most of all how I do it, it is metacognition. 3. Data This prototype is structured in RSS: stands for Ruby Scripting System: System with Ruby Scripting for games. Object-Oriented programming "OOP" is a model used by the most programming languages, that lets you use objects and their relationships to program what will be the final application. In order to expand its use were included languages spoken in America and expanded platform for different operating systems. 4. Conclusions With this fun game is a simple way to learn the story in time, the environment and the circumstances where the player is the student of our system that shapes the teacher, book review, making it a modern and practical way to teach with the advantage of keeping the mind active during the use of our game, this allows the continued interest in the student normally lost in conventional classes.

In Tlaxcal Nopalli(Nopal Tortilla)

To contribute to the feeding of the popular sector using a product of the basic basket of\r consumption and in simultaneous form to operate a natural resource, that when being combined\r will derive in a rich product in nutrients. With this project we try to offer to the population an\r innovating product, based on a food of daily but added consumption with all the nutrients of the\r nopal, of this form will be a better nutrition in the tortilla consumers. In Mexico, like in some\r countries of Central America, the maize products, like the tortilla, are the base of the popular\r feeding, its consumption is related closely to the obtaining of energy, calcium, fiber, iron and zinc,\r which usually display deficit levels in the population of the region. The contributions of the nopal\r are diverse, because it counts with some different nutritional and medicinal properties.

Keyboard for Blinds

The reason for making this project was with the intention to help the blind persons. A lot of people with vision problems don’t have the resources available to acquire equipment or programs that make it easier for them to use a computer to write, to communicate etc... Being aware of this problem we took the liberty of researching at a community center that helps the blind persons in Tijuana Baja California, Mexico. We found that they had a type writer (Perkins) with only 6 keys that symbolized Braille. They also had a normal keyboard that had the Braille code over each key, but it is complicated to learn because of its many keys. Due to our research our intention was to design a system that respect the Braille symbols of the Perkins type writer and translated them to the common alphabet. We believe that this project will help many people especially the blind, with writing books, letters, articles, etc. So they can be integrated to activities and jobs reserved, until now, for people with the sight sense. My project also has 8 keys, when the person press a key combination the PC emits the sound of the letter. And when a word is completed the PC reproduce the whole word on the speaker. When the entire paragraph is completed there is an option to reproduce it. It has also other functions as erase everything, back space, etc. All these with the 8 keys. To control the system I used the parallel port of a PC, with a control program made in Visual Basic. Currently there are systems for the blind but are very expensive, they have a cost of approximately $900.00 US dollars, which is a high price to pay for some people. My project has a cost of $70.00 US dollars thus making it easy for a person who has a computer to be able to buy this keyboard. This project is being use in the “Blind Persons Training Center” of Tijuana city. They helped us to develop it, giving some ideas to improve it.

Injector Taster with Timing

1. Purpose of the research Implement injector tester and timer button in mechanical, electrical for Correct Use Hypothesis: if humans contribute to the contamination of unconsciously by technological convenience. Give solution with the same! 2. Procedures Needed human and material resources. Besides a ventilated area with excellent ventilation. Having basic knowledge of electricity and automobile electrical systems. 3. Data This device is intended total replacement bulbs and multimeters tests relating to auto injectors of this system is important since in automotive history have been looking for improvements, part of technological development and of necessity, be have been implemented in complex systems such as electronic fuel injection, but what if our system does not work properly? Humans would contribute to contamination of the ozone layer, this natural process accelerate global warming. Hey there a social problem today becomes a global problem. Here we can see that, sophisticated equipment, are of little technical solution with a higher cost. Not to mention that the technician who works on the vehicle: save time in making a diagnosis which will be successful. 4. Conclusions The solution: provide the necessary equipment that is available to countries that do not have low resource enough. Through a reliable and safe product for the sole purpose of showing that young researchers are able to provide improved technology in the automotive industry with no expectation of this project. You should use this factor as important in society: it is the technology for the environment thereby demonstrates the certainty of our hypothesis.

Dynamic Geometry and Problem Solving

Within the framework of the new educational model for mathematics based on constructivism, results are presented of the design, application, and evaluation processes of a series of didactic sequences aimed at developing the student’s abilities for problem solving as part of the geometry curriculum for technological preparatory schools, using the Cabri-Geometre II software. In this case, subjects of study were ten newly enrolled students from CETis 18 preparatory school in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. The theoretical basis for this work is the constructivist approach, mainly emphasizing Mashbits views (1997) regarding problem solving. This didactic proposal was longitudinally applied in a quasi-experimental qualitative design under the following analysis categories: problem solving skills and the impact of Cabri- Geometre II in geometry learning. Recognizing the potentiality this research can have with the proper follow-up, it is intended to include it in the preparatory school curricula. For this purpose, teachers should be trained to focus their work on learning instead of on teaching. As a result of this, designing educational programs will require for teachers to become more knowledgeable not only in discipline, but in the use of computer technology, the teaching process, learning, and the students themselves. The final objective of this project is to instill educators to play this new role. As a final point, conclusions on various psychological, pedagogical, and technological aspects are given placing emphasis on the creation of learning situations with their appropriate theoretical support. Using the Cabri-Geometre II as a resource, these situations will provide geometry teaching with a more dynamic and interesting concept applicable to real-life situations.