A Zero Pollution Process That Convert Non-Biodegradable Plastic Waste Into Hydrocarbon Fuel

Pinn Margaret Secondary School, Calabar
Owonam, Godwin Sunday Utit, Xavier Ita


Non-biodegradable waste materials like discarded polybags, rubber bottles, broken buckets and sachet water bags constitute a serious environmental problem all over the world. Several steps have been taken to eliminate these waste materials. Burning of these non-biodegradable waste in an incineration only constitute environmental pollution as poisonous gases are release to the environment which are hazardous to lives. The purpose of developing this catalytic conversion of non-biodegradable waste material into fuel is to remove the problem non-biodegradable waste materials poses in its disposal as well as obtaining a precious end product that will supplement fuel supply. Dump side lands that would have been used for dumping waste is also reclaimed. The procedure and chemistry is from the fact that Non-biodegradable waste materials are composes of long chain hydrocarbon. Some are made of polymeric units like polythene. The materials are heated in a closed vessel with coal and a catalyst. Heating is done progressively until condensate from gaseous product is obtained. This condensate is wide range of liquid fuel (Diesel and petrol) including LPG ranges. Further separation processing will give pure product of the different fuel liquids. The Apparatus consist of a cylindrical cooking vessel heated by coal furnace or other heat source like LPG, the vessel is made of steal. The upper side of the vessel provide an outlet vent to connect condensing section/condenser which is required for the conversion of gaseous form of product into liquid state. The fuel produce can find it application in the following areas; Heating of kiln in the cement company, Heating of boilers and Domestic lighting.

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