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sports mat,where the balls land


Transiency… something which only stays for a short time, and changes\r
frequently. You’re probably wondering now what this has to do with our sports and\r
we must admit that at first sight it really doesn’t seem to, but think of the world an\r
how many changes sports have experienced. Is it not time we thought of how sports\r
facilities could be improved? And what if you were told that there would be an\r
“ever-changing” sports centre which you could use?\r
You really might get the chance to use such a sports centre one day, and that’s\r
what our idea is all about. A multipurpose sports center is what you could call it, but\r
it’s not in the least like any one you’ve seen before. In places like Hong Kong, where\r
space is everything, multipurpose sports centers are common, but they always have\r
so many colored clines that tend to confuse both players on the court and spectators\r
off the court. Just how often have you seen referees and players arguing about\r
whether the ball is out or not? And how often have you found that you are not\r
enjoying the game as much as you should? Yup, we’re sure it happens all the time,\r
but you don’t have to worry anymore, as our innovative design will solve all your\r
problems. Yes, its time for us to change…\r
In our dream sports mat, we’ll have lines which can change and also detectors to\r
tell you where the balls land. You’re probably thinking, “Lines which change?”, and\r
yes that’s it! The perfect solution to all those confusing lines would be lines which\r
could change their positions. And to do this, we’ve made use of some new technology\r
called ‘E-INK’ which would make this possible. Of course it sounds like something\r
which is really costly but in fact, this technology doesn’t cost that much and its really\r
durable, so it’s really worth the money to start changing. Moreover, these mats can\r
also be rolled up and stored somewhere else, so when you don’t need to use the sports\r
ground you can just pack it up and the venue can be used for other purposes.

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