Pleistocene mammals of a river basin of Adycha

2010 年
Yakutsk State University Faculty of Biology and Geography Department of Ecology
Struchkov Innokentiy


The paper represents the results of study of remains of mammalians which inhabited the Adycha-River basin (Verkhoyansky Region) during the Pleistocene Epoch. All studied materials belong to the Museum of Paleontology and Ethnography of the Adychinskaya Secondary School. For a long time, People have been finding ancient animal bones on the Adycha-River banks, and since 1955, the teacher, Bozhedonov Nikolai Gerasimovich, has been organizing exploring local lore expeditions for school children purposed for mammoth fauna investigation and material collection for the school museum. In this research collected material was classified, measurements of the Pleistocene Period animal bones were made. On the basis of it we came to conclusion that during the Pleistocene Epoch, very rare species of animals inhabited the Adycha-River basin. To our opinion, the Adycha-River basin is a unique site for research activity. Comparative measurements of the Pleistocene Periods animal bones were made. Of flu work we know measurements of the Early and Middle Pleistocene Period elephant’s bones which inhabited the Adycha-River basin. Elephants inhabited with mammoth. To our opinion, they didn’t yield to size to mammoth. In that time the Adycha-River basin, was been inhabited by camelopard, bison and Soergelia.\r
Museum has 2 skull’s fragments and ovibos fronts part of horny stream. Geological age which is Early Pleistocene or late Pleistocene. These bones concern to Praeovibos. Distance between horns is more 100 mm. If we compare with ovibos skull of the Late Pleistocene we see that distance between horns is longer for the 10 time. We couldn’t found such comparisons at scientist’s works. It results that the more distance between horns is longer the more ancient, and skull’s sizes are much less.\r
7-8 km lower of Betenkes, in disclosing “?????? ???????” and sand bank “??????”, was been founded 3 crag’s part of skull of Soergelia, metacarpal bone and 2 skull’s fragments with horns part. On the Adycha-River basin was bun founded above all quantity of soergelias remains.\r
In the Pleistocene Period inhabited a lot of horses. Which remains he have now. Our horse’s height in crest is from 142 to 156 sm. And what about of horses of the Early Pleistocene, it is more than 230 sm.\r
Molar teeth of the Early Pleistocene Epoch horse are more for the 2.5 times than of contemporaneous analog.

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