Effect of Air Resonance by Wind Speed Difference on Falling fruit

Changwon Science High School
GyeongMin Kim;Yewon Jang


This study completes an air vibration equation expressed wind speed slope and wind speed. First, preliminary experiments identified air vibrations when wind speed differences occurred over distance. Several air fans were connected in series and the rotational speed of the air fan was adjusted to vary the wind speed with distance. At this time, only certain pendulum oscillates during a particular wind speed slope. It was expected that the pendulum would shake because the frequency of the air due to the slope of the wind speed was equal to the natural frequency of the pendulum. In addition, relatively short pendulum swings in large wind speed slope, long pendulum swings in short wind speed slope. After calculating the natural frequency of the seasonal growth of fruit using the physical factors model, we experiment how resonant frequency was related with cone length, angular width, wind speed, velocity and secondary derivative. the actual experiment analyzed the natural frequency of the fruit and resonance from the air vibration as the linear function of the wind speed, velocity, and secondary derivative. The experiment determined that the pendulum of a specified number of frequencies resonated with a particular wind speed pattern. It is judged that the vibration of air is related to first derivative of wind speed depending on speed and distance. However, it is very difficult to express the flow of nonlinear fluids as a function of simple function, particularly the effects of air vibrations caused by wind speed second derivative, which appeared to be associated with forces. This is a task that needs to be solved through further research.

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