Universal computing sorting machine

Lyceum 1501
Stepanov Fedor


The purpose of the study was to develop and create a semi-automatic multi-purpose sorting and counting machine of standard articles. Currently, there is a problem of equipping industrial enterprises as well as small trade companies and large retailers with computing sorting machines of standard products of a certain shape. We would like to fill this missing link up with a simple, compact and inexpensive device. Procedures The proposed research consisted of a consistent design of a virtual model of the device and its electronic-mechanical implementation. The virtual model is simulated by a computer program "SolidWorks" object, which graphically shows the operation of the future device. In the development of the computing sorting device standard electronic devices and their associated software have been used. The created simplified real model demonstrates the basic principles and characteristics of the proposed device. Data As an example for the implementation of the concept device a computing device for sorting coins, in circulation in Russia has been created. As a basic principle of sorting objects by their geometric and weight characteristics were used. It is important that the device is focused on the correct form of the objects of sorting (balls, rings, coins, regular polyhedrons, screws, nuts, etc). To confirm the effectiveness of the computing device of this type of sorting, a series of tests of counting of objects manually have been carried out . The effectiveness of the device is determined by comparing the time characteristics of manual and automatic sorting. Findings and conclusions As a result of research and work performed, we have concluded that: 1) The proposed device can be used in various industries. (for example, while sorting ball bearings.) 2) Such a computing sorting device may find it's application in various commercial enterprises: to assist cashiers in retail ATMs. 3) Can be used in payment terminals. 4) 4) After a certain modernization of the device it can be used for money encashment.

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