Technology of web site advancement

School W169
Vladimir Shevchun
Evgeniy Bondarev
web site visitors,web site visibility


Internet by its content represents a fountain of information, while from the point of view of its arrangement it is a huge dump. There are an enormous number of web sites. Multiple web sites are commercially directed, i.e. are aimed at profit earning. As profit depends on the number of visits to web site, no visitors means no profit. So, to obtain more orders, web site producers should first of all ensure good inflow of visitors (web site attendance). Every year this task becomes more and more critical for commercial web site owners (and not only for them), as the number of similar content web sites increases steadily along with competition intensifying correspondingly. The process of establishing conditions to attract more visitors is called web site advancement. The present paper discusses various ways of how to increase the number of web site visitors, it also describes the particular process of "Theater to Children" ( web site advancement. Based on the paper outcomes a CD multimedia manual "Technology of web site advancement" has been developed that will help web site producers to achieve good attendance for their network resources. As the purpose of web site advancement is visitor number increase then the main criterion of web site advancement efficiency should be the number of visitors for a certain time period, e.g. for 24 hours, a week or a month. Taking into consideration that about 80% of Internet users retrieve information through search systems, the major growth of visitors will occur owing to the enhancement of web site visibility in search systems.

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