“Barriers to Using the Menstrual Cup among Schoolgirls”

Rustenburg Girls’ High School
Zara Nijzink-Laurie


Purpose: Many girls in South Africa miss school due to insufficient resources during menstruation. Although menstrual cups are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than pads or tampons, they are not widely known or used. This project investigates the awareness of the menstrual cup and barriers to using it among schoolgirls. Method: Girls in grades 8 and 11 at a local school were asked to complete a questionnaire before and after watching a video about the menstrual cup. Results: The results showed that 54% of younger girls and 92% of older girls had heard of the cup but in each group only 1 girl had used it. About 11% of younger girls and 40% of older girls would consider using the cup. Watching the video had both positive and negative effects on the girls’ opinions about using the cup. Conclusion: There are several barriers to using the menstrual cup among school girls. Overcoming these barriers requires more than just dissemination of factual information about the cup. Workshops with small group discussions would more than likely lead to more girls choosing the cup.

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