My parking space ,, My Right !!

Mohammed A. Dabroom; Abdurrahman M. Ba'Ali
Ultrasonic sensor、color sensor、 RFID sensor


An Automatic Fine system for the handy-caps parking spaces We human beings Are developing creatures, And we believe that the Importance of scientific innovations depends on how much can they contribute in humanities services. Me and my friend worked so hard to present an Invention or a system that is going to make people lives better. In this point of view that we humans believe in. We work hard and we present Inventions, science fears, and new Ideas by a purpose and an intention that those thoughts, Inventions, Ideas, researches …etc. Will make us better people And will help in building a brighter future for mankind. Invention identity Name of the invention: My parking space,, My Right !! Components: Ultrasonic sensor, color sensor, RFID sensor and reader, buzzer, lights, NXT robot, conductive means (wires) How does the invention work? Operating Process The first point we want to make it clear to you that we have two stages: now (present) and later in real life. For the moment : We are using an educational robot (NXT mindstorm) with a programme from our design , using the Ultrasonic sensor to know if there is a car parking or not then using a color sensor to determine if the car is allowed to park or not And if not then write a ticket and a fine but before that it gives an alarm to notice the driver. The main objective of the invention We want to help maintaining the lost rights for the handy-cap people in their parking spots. Because we gave them less than what the numbers say we should of give them so we didn't give them what they deserve and we came at the same time and steeled it from them. this invention is used: usage fields This invention will be used in the handy-caps parking spaces as well as they will help of the economic. It can be employed and used instead of a lot of security persons or traffic Police department. The future vision of the invention It can be combined in a one small unit and with touch panels to know if there is a car parking or not, RFID to determine if the car is allowed or not to park in this space and a camera to know the exact car or maybe by reading the electronic chip in the cars plate .

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