Shock Induced Battery

ST.Paul College
Man Wing Yan
Tang Wing To 、Kwong, Trevor Siu Kai
human bodies to generate electricity,shock Induced battery


a. Purpose of the Research Evidence has shown that people are becoming more aware of environmental protection than in the past. Not only has the government made every effort to implement the policies of environmental protection, but Hong Kong citizens are also more willing to cooperate and help out. However, when it comes to conservation of energy and reduction of wastage, many people still regard it as a burden and they just take it lightly. In fact, environmental protection can be achieved in a convenient and simple way. We can easily put in practice in our daily lives. Because of this, we would like to introduce our invention - “shock Induced battery” by using our knowledge of Physics. b. Procedures The “Shock Induced battery” makes use of locomotion of human bodies to generate electricity. The electrical current generated from the specially designed generator will pass through the diode bridges, which adjust the current to one direction. This enables the electrical energy to be stored in the capacitor. This energy will be released when the battery is correctly connected to a circuit with a switch and a resistor. One of the features of the battery is that it is portable. It is mainly used to charge up electrical devices. But it is hoped that it will replace non-chargeable cells one day, and can directly be used in any electrical devices. In fact, our ultimate goal is to reduce the wastage of materials for making the cells, and to solve the problem of disposal of these cells. c. Data The induced a.c. voltage is full-wave rectified by the diode bridge. d. Conclusions In a word, we are trying to provide a chance for people to put environmental protection in practice, so as to raise the awareness of people about environmental protection. After all, high-tech products only solve the power-saving problem to a certain extent, but it is the awareness and the initiatives of the public which matter. We are convinced that environmental protection brings fun to your daily lives, as you will find practices on environmental protection both convenient and simple.

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