Locus of the Points on Circumference of the n-th Circle that Formed by Moving the Center of any Radius Circles on the Outermost Circumference of Preceding set of Circles

Princess Chulabhorn Science High School Phetchaburi
Pitsinee Kongsukon
Anuchit Pumepoung;Teachat Sangsaard;Techodom Petchraung


This project aimed to study the motion which occurred from the end point on the circumference of the outermost circle by moving the center on the circumference of a preceding circle and the center of an innermost circle at origin. According to the study, when angular velocity was changed, it caused the different of loci. Based on the above information, finding the locus of the point on circumference of n-th circle that formed by moving the center of any radius circles on circumference of preceding set of circles was studied to get general equation. A set of circle and locus were created with GSP program. First, set the same radius circles on the X-axis with the first circle at origin, then found the relationship that occurred from the characteristics of locus. The result showed that if the ratios of angular velocity are 1:1:1, 2:2:2, 3:3:3, ..., …, n:n:n or 1:2:3, 2:4:6, 3:6:9, …,nw1:nw2:nw3, the characteristics of locus will be the same, while the others will be different. Finally, the equation of locus was found as follow: (x,y) = { ..........see in abstract...........} when .........see in abstract........... Where ri is the radius of i-th circle, zeta i is an angle between the radius of i-th circle and X-axis, wi is the angular velocity, t is elapsed time and alpha i is a starting angle between the radius of i-th circle and X-axis.

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