National Center “Junior Academy of Sciences of 烏克蘭” under the auspices of UNESCO
Mykhailo Rastyogin
Taisiia Chursina


In today's world, medicine is very advanced, thanks to which many diseases that were previously considered incurable, are now treated almost all over the world. But, unfortunately, some diseases are still incurable and can only facilitate their course. One such disease is Raynaud's disease or Raynaud's syndrome. Statistics show that worldwide the percentage of patients with this disease is 3-4%. Raynaud's disease is a paroxysmal spasm of the arteries of the fingers of the hand, rarely the feet when cooling the extremities. As mentioned earlier, this disease is incurable. That is why the creation of a device that can help people overcome many inconveniences due to the inability to stay in the cold without gloves or the problem of discomfort in heated gloves is relevant. And one of the solutions to this problem is to create special heated gloves. This work is also relevant, because even existing treatments, such as medication and conservative, do not completely solve the problem of reducing the sensitivity of the hands when cooled or even the slightest moisture on the palms. Also, these methods are very expensive, so our device will be cheaper and more affordable than existing ones. When using our gloves together with the two already mentioned methods, the treatment will be more effective. Unfortunately, medical and conservative treatments will lead to complications over time, so we not only maintain sensitivity in the hands, but also prevent further amputation of the upper extremities and the emergence of human health problems associated with the effects of drugs on the whole body. Nowadays, people work hard to be able to live well, but it is difficult for people with Raynaud's phenomenon to do so, as the sensitivity of the upper extremities decreases during the exacerbation of the disease. It is important for us to maintain the sensitivity of the hands by normalizing the thermal balance of the hands, which leads to the elimination of spasms of the atria of the hand. The aim of the work is to create a simple and effective means to normalize and maintain the thermal balance of the upper extremities, in order to reduce the loss of sensitivity of the hands in patients, as well as reduce the likelihood of spasms of the arteries of the fingers. The subject of the study is the course of Raynaud's disease and the current treatments for it. The aim of the study is the creation of special gloves that can stop spasms of arteries and maintain blood flow in them by balancing the heat balance in the hand, and depriving patients of the disease during their wearing During the work the following tasks were set: - to theoretically investigate the peculiarities of Raynaud's disease; - to analyze the existing clothes on the market with heating; - to develop and improve its own design of heated gloves, which will be affordable and easy to use. - calculate the cost of gloves taking into account all factors

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