Detect the Defect

Menofia STEM school
Shokry Gorge Eshak
Mohamed Ashraf Abdelfattah Hasabo;Abdelrahman Waleed Mohamed Awad


"When the Well is Dry, we will know the Worth of Water." Most of 埃及 and the world suffers from water and petrol shortage. With the current consumption rate, two-thirds of the world's population may face water shortages by 2025. These are water pollution, overpopulation, and agriculture, leading to wastewater from landfills and pipes that seep into the ground and may pollute the water, making it unfit for human consumption and waste more water. Besides, some accidents happen to water distribution and irrigation systems, causing a significant loss in water. According to the ministry of water resources, in 2016, the need for freshwater is 67 billion cubic meters. On the other hand, 埃及 receives only 55 billion cubic meters (2.6 billion cubic meters of them evaporate during runoff). Also, one of the wasting water methods in modern irrigation systems is water leakage from pipes as the water transmission and distribution lose about 31% of the produced water due to pipe leakage. Besides, every day more than 3.3 billion liters of treated water – 20 percent of the nation's supply and 234 million liters a day more than a decade ago – are lost through leaking pipes in England and Wales. Many reasons lead to leakage in pipes like water pressure, clogs, and corrosion. The leakage in pipes does not exist in the lines of water only. Also, the pipes in a petrol can cause dangerous accidents like the accident in the Bahira government that led to the death of 6 people and made 19 in a dangerous state. Our project designed a system that can detect fluid leakage and deal with it fast to prevent the wasting of fluid by using sensors and electronic circuits. Our system provides us with information about the fluid (like the amount of the flowing fluid and its speed). Therefore, if there is a difference in the reads, we understand that there is a leakage in this region, and the system will automatically stop the fluid flowing through the pipes. the system will locate all the leakage sites and send them to the mobile app with the amount wasted and the actions taken.

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