The discovery of America

CBTIS No. 89
Samantha Elizabeth Luna; Rafael De la Rocha Nevarez
new education system,The Discovery of America


1.- Purpose of the research This Game is a new education system, where we take as reference a historical event called "The Discovery of America." The objective is to implement a new way of teaching materials using the technology developed in recent decades, where the teacher uses a modern and educational support to keep the mind of the student in ongoing activity; this will allow greater retention which gives result better understanding and more knowledge. The system is designed to model how to teach with the versatility of being a teacher to provide knowledge through a book because it contains the text outlined and summarized the history and examination by the implementation of questions that offer 4 possible answers and answering incorrectly restart the game, it forces the player to pay attention and remember information. 2. Procedures It divided the two-step strategy: 1. Define the game. The player is asked to bring the features of the game. It must recognize three: a) The technical aspects, allowing the appropriation of technological language and sometimes the understanding of the technology used to play is essential for future acquisitions; b) the commercial tab: identify which company developed the game, age or classification suggested, price, where purchased, country of origin, etc.., a review of the business tab allows to point out habits, and c) a description of the game, review of the plot, characters, history, objectives, modality, gender (role, simulation, strategy, battle, etc..) duration, etc.. This category allows the recognition of recreational preferences of the subject. 2. Thinking the game. Before, during or after the game the subject must think what you do to win or how the game unfolds. Contrary to what seems, while playing one thinks and sometimes thinks that performing other tasks and this time it is the player or the viewer understand the way it works and identify the physical or mental is used to play, trying to understand what I do but most of all how I do it, it is metacognition. 3. Data This prototype is structured in RSS: stands for Ruby Scripting System: System with Ruby Scripting for games. Object-Oriented programming "OOP" is a model used by the most programming languages, that lets you use objects and their relationships to program what will be the final application. In order to expand its use were included languages spoken in America and expanded platform for different operating systems. 4. Conclusions With this fun game is a simple way to learn the story in time, the environment and the circumstances where the player is the student of our system that shapes the teacher, book review, making it a modern and practical way to teach with the advantage of keeping the mind active during the use of our game, this allows the continued interest in the student normally lost in conventional classes.

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