"turn" -on (free food and renewable energy )



Nowadays Electric energy is the most useful in the world because we use it every day for lightening, work, entertainment ext … but electric energy also can be expensive and it will pollute the air plus we all know that the air pollution is getting worse. Our world consumes a huge amount of electric energy . Also we know that the homelessness is getting higher all around the globe and it reached a high percentage. The high price and the sudden cut of the electric energy and with it the air pollution makes a big problem. That’s why we created this project named TURN ON which is a friend of the environment and a friend of the humans. Our product will help us to produce and create strong, clean and renewable energy plus it will help the homeless to have free food and free transport tickets. After doing a lot of researches we found that our new method of producing energy gives a great electric energy and limit pollution. The kinetic energy is produced using rotations. That’s why we used the rotations of motorbikes, bicycles, cars wheels and turn that mechanical energy (wm) into electrical energy (we) that we can easily use in our daily life plus we can help homeless by giving them food widgets… in exchange with the electrical energy that they produced while using bicycles…After performing several tests and taking notes, we are able to conclude that our apparatus is indeed efficient as it is able to convert the rotation into electronic energy that we can store and use in emergencies to solve this big problem and in the same time to limit air pollution with using bicycles and reducing hunger regarding homeless. This machine should be easy to implement, cheap, does not depend on any other parameters such as the wind. Any rotation in any place can be a source of Electrical Energy. To facilitate the use of this new device, A START UP will be launched to rent electric bikes for “free”, distribute free food, snacks, tickets to homeless regarding to the energy production.

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