Design of a Reflexology System

ATAST (Tunisian Association For the future Of Science and Technology)


Many people suffer from aches all over their bodies, whether be it through an injury, inherited features or certain forms of diseases. Going to see a therapist or a specialist can be time consuming and extremely costly. Which is why we’ve decided to develop an automatic system capable of relieving pain in certain areas of the body, all through using reflexology: a form of therapy used to access most of the body using certain parts in the legs, hands and ears. The problematic this project revolves around is that a high percentage of the world’s population don’t know what to do when they feel aches, as they are oblivious to easy and simple massage techniques. Thus, they will resort to taking therapist appointments which most have neither the time nor the money for. Our main focus in this project is developing a system that will help decrease the amount of pain people feel in certain areas, mainly the sinus, the back and also relieving some forms of stress. Our device will function by performing massage on pre-determined parts in the foot; the system will also be automatic meaning it will bring comfort to the user without them ever doing any effort, all at the push of a button or through a remote command from their mobile phones. Our system will also be much cheaper than going to a therapist and a lot faster and more comfortable. To conclude our system offers a modernized version of a therapy technique that has been improved upon and perfected over the years, relieving back pains, sinus pains, stress and many forms of body aches all through our easy to use reflexology system.

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